What is MyTalentTracker?

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This free software was originally developed to help All-Star Cheerleading and Dance Studios to track their athlete's skills. However, it has grown WAY past that and has become a coach's resource to not only track skills, but to give ideas on running practices and teach skills with drills and fixes.

Parents always want to know what class they should be signing their child up for and this makes everything very visual and easy.
Skill Tracking Software


Get Essential Skill Evaluation Tracking for each athlete from the start of a skill, working through learning a skill, and ready to perform and compete the skill - all tracked by dates! This evaluation is saved in the saved in the software by date so you will be able to track growth of an athlete. Parents will be able to log in and see the online evaluation so they know instantly how their child is progressing.,

Evaluation Process Example

Drills for coaches to teach skills


We have provided drills from Industry leaders on how to teach skills from the start of a skill to advanced drills for skills. For example you can learn to teach how to do a Back Walkover with a 14 step drill guide all with videos of the drills. The power of sharing information makes this program priceless. Keeping athletes safe with proper drills and progressions is one of the main reasons we have created this software.

Drills Process Example

Scheduling and Attendance Modules


Schedule repeating practices, extra practices, vacation days, special events, classes, camps, open gyms, ANYTHING that you would like in the schdule. The software tracks athletes and when you put them in a class, practice or event you can do quick and full attendance for the athletes for each event they are in.

Scheduling / Attendance Example

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