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Get Essential Skill Tracking for each athletes from the start of a skill, working through a skill, and being ready to perform the skill - all tracked by dates.
Access email or phone numbers on the go from anywhere
Access the app on any device.

CheerTracker does it all

CheerTracker lets you efficiently manage your gym (or gyms), coaches, athletes and parents to give them all specific access to the software depending on their login.

Work Smarter

CheerTracker's cheer gym management software helps you work smarter by not repeating the paperwork process of skills evaluations, but by making them faster and accessible immediately from the time you get the athlete in the door and throughout the time they are with you.

Here is some testimonials from happy Customers

Sarah Jo

Fierce Athletics

I use CheerTracker and we used to do all of our evaluations on paper and then give them to the kids and never see the evaluations again (unti we have to do evaluations and have to start all over with the skills . This software keeps records and everything is online and saved automatically. I LOVE IT! It has so much to offer!

We have done all of our evaluations on paper before and they take SO much time. We hand them to the kids and next time have to do the evaluation all over again. Not any more! This software keeps the information and grows with the athlete.

The fact that this software is free for the users and the marketing proceeds go to help kids just makes me happy. We all do this for the kids and this software company is totally about giving back.

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